Marmac Group began as Estudio Polaco in Buenos Aires City, in 1995, specializing in the recording of radio advertisements.

In 1997, due to the great demand for dubbing and subtitling in Latin America, the studio had its first beginnings in this area, and continues to specialize to this day.

In 2000, faced with the need for dubbing in Portuguese, the company opened studies in the city of Sao Paulo. At that time, Estudio Polaco was renamed as Marmac Group. The strengthening of the company was remarkable, and positioned itself in the dubbing and subtitling market in Brazil.

In 2002, Claxson expanded the arrival of Playboy Channel in the Spanish market, and invited Marmac Group to be responsible for the dubbing operation in the Iberian country. There, the group was in charge of the dubbing in pure Spanish for Playboy Channel in December 2002.

This marked the beginning of a great international expansion for Marmac Group, with new networks of contacts in Europe and the United States.A few years later, Marmac Group was able to expand its activities exponentially, adding clients like HBO, Lionsgate and FOX, among others. This allowed the group to start being one of the most important dubbing companies in Latin America and one of the few ones with studios for Spanish (Buenos Aires) and Portuguese (Sao Paulo) dubbing. Marmac Group continues to offer quality dubbing and subtitling, as well as post-production and audio and video editing, advertising and services for companies.

Our management team solve all our clients’ needs efficiently using the latest cutting-edge technology in the editing studios, recording, mixing and quality control rooms.

Marmac, Efficient Solutions!

Our Vision

Efficient and professional solutions for dubbing and subtitling.Our experienced management team achieves these goals with the latest technology available.

Our Specialty

Quality and commitment.Marmac is renowned for our efficient client centered approach and client satisfaction.

What We Offer

Three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese in three different countries.Our strategic hub in the city of The Woodlands, Texas, solve all our clients’ needs efficiently using the latest cutting-edge technology.