• Marmac provides efficient and professional solutions for

    dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and post-production

    in Spanish, English and Portuguese

  • Soluções eficientes

    para Dublagem e Legendagem

    em espanhol, inglês e português

  • Soluciones eficientes

    para doblaje y subtitulado

    en español, inglés y portugués

  • Soluciones eficientes

    para doblaje y subtitulado

    en español, inglés y portugués

Marmac's studios have all the acoustic and technical requirements for television and all the different media. We have engineers, technicians and talents with great expertise. In addition, we count with a 5.1 mixing room, Protools HD and a D-Control 32.
Voice Over
Our specialists will create a precise and adapted translation, for a narration, a documentary or an animation.ach project is unique, and at Marmac we provide all the necessary attention to detail for the product to be successful in the market.
Subtitiling & Closed Caption
Proficient subtitling requires the translation and adaptation to be significantly accurate and to be done with an excellent technique. Our translators' team is highly qualified. We have an in-house team and a freelance team; this allows us the greatest flexibility in order to take on large projects. Our quality control team ensures that the end product is completed to the highest standard possible in the broadcasting industry. Our product value is evident in the final material.
Post Production
Our range of services includes audio post-production and editing. Our rooms come with expert editors who work with Pro Tools, Avid and Final Cut.

Every day, TV channels of the world over face the difficult task of trying to increase their audiences. All use their best weapons to bring down competitors with innovative thematic programming blocks and taking gambles with primetime series.

Who we are


Marmac Group began as Estudio Polaco in Buenos Aires City, in 1995, specializing in the recording of radio advertisements.

In 1997, due to the great demand for dubbing and subtitling in Latin America, the studio had its first beginnings in this area, and continues to specialize to this day.

In 2000, faced with the need for dubbing in Portuguese, the company opened studies in the city of Sao Paulo. At that time, Estudio Polaco was renamed as Marmac Group. The strengthening of the company was remarkable, and positioned itself in the dubbing and subtitling market in Brazil.

In 2002, Claxson expanded the arrival of Playboy Channel in the Spanish market, and invited Marmac Group to be responsible for the dubbing operation in the Iberian country.

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